Self-ordering & payment system

Let your customers place orders and pay from their mobile phone with no app. Increase your sales through faster service.

The perfect solution for restaurants

"Simply the most efficient way to take orders and payments in 2021. Let your restaurant follow the rules of infection through mobile ordering and payment. Already Ordered's customer operated system is self-explanatory and easy to use."

Customers love it

“Ordering and payment has never been easier.”

  • Amazingly user friendly
  • Self-explanatory
  • Faster service and payment
  • No more queues or waiting
  • Order whenever we want
  • Menu in several languages
  • No app to download
  • No customer registration

“We simply got more time to chat with friends and family.”

Restaurant owners love it

“We are selling more with less people at work. The system simply does all the ordering and payment work, so the waiting staff can focus on serving and service.”

  • It simply increases the sales
  • Solves problems in busy hours
  • More satisfied costumers
  • Increased table sittings
  • New sales records every day
  • Reduce food waste
  • Easy set up and self-explanatory
  • Full sales overview

Waiters love it

“We serve more customers in less time and get more time for each customer.”

  • Less stress and more smile
  • We work more efficiently
  • We make no mistakes
  • The customers are more satisfied
  • We get more tips
  • Order sent directly to the kitchen
  • We are all more satisfied

The product

“Already Ordered helps you operate your dining area safely and more profitably”

  • Customers scan the Qr-code
  • The menu opens on mobile phone
  • Customers enter the table number, place orders and pay
  • The order goes directly to the bar or kitchen
  • The waitress delivers the order to the table or drop-off point
  • Payment goes straight into the restaurant’s bank account
  • Easy to set up and use
Logo Already Ordered

We are a Norwegian FINTEC company with high expertise and decades of experience in software development and customer-driven improvement. We work hard to create a simpler and more profitable life for our customers.

Our solutions are self-explanatory, intuitive and simple. Therefore, no user manual is required with our products. We know you will be satisfied with our services. We also do not require binding time or monthly subscription costs.

Simple is often the best.

We deliver quality and have a price guarantee.

Product Features


Let your restaurant follow infection control regulations  through mobile ordering and payment. Avoid queuing and unnecessary human contact.

Increase profitability

The solution ensures efficient operations and maximum sales with less waiters whilst ensuring your customer gets a good experience with efficient ordering.

Easy to read the menu

A revelation to all who struggle with vision. It has never been easier for customers to read the menu. Now they can get the font size they want by zooming the menu in and out.

Customised ordering

Increase sales by letting customers choose extras to customise their own dishes. Push promotions to increase spend.

Increase appetite with pictures

Pictures sell. Let images strengthen your menu so your customers buy more and choose faster.

Communicate with guests

Provide guests with up-to-date information to manage expectations. "Order Ready". "Order ready in 15 minutes". "Sorry, we're a little late."

Print order vouchers

Choose between digital or printed vouchers. Orders from the same table are merged. Split the order between the kitchen and the bar.

More and bigger tips

It's easy to give tips. Faster delivery and less waiting gives more satisfied customers and more tips for waiters.

Menu in several languages

Never before has it been easier to have a menu in several languages. Our browser-based solution will auto-translate for you.

Offer table service

Enable or disable table service and opening hours. Flexible and simple 

Take away

You can easily enable or disable the take away menu. You control how you want to sell.

Deliver to pick up point

Set different pick-up points for customers preferences.

Sales Reports

Full overview of your sales. Generate approved daily reports to the IRS and much more.

Our Pricing

It's pretty simple

  • 1.98% + 0.03 GBP/EUR commission on transactions