The Simplest QR Ordering System for Restaurants.

Set up in minutes. Contactless table ordering, takeaway, delivery and room service auto-translated into any language.

Grow your business with online ordering

Reduce your staff cost, reduce food waste and increase your average order value through
the best smartphone order & pay system.

Increase profit

Ensure faster and more efficient operations, more sales with fewer employees, while ensuring your customer has a pleasant experience

Focus on the delivery

Instant ordering on your own branded app-less platform, and the orders go directly to the kitchen. No wrong orders, faster delivery.

Customisable Menu

Build your own digital menu in your own brand. Increase sales by letting customers freely choose extras to customise their own dishes.

Restaurant owners love it!

Already Ordered is simple to set up and use. Add your menu and start getting paid.

How does Already Ordered works?

Create your Menu

Create your digital menu, allocate ingredients, preferences and extras and connect to your desired venue.

Scan table QR Code

Customers place orders and pay via scanning a QR code URL. Orders go directly to the bar/kitchen.

Focus on Customer Loyalty

Your staff can focus on customer success whilst streamlining your efficiency and operations.

Still not convinced?

"We have over 30 sites using Already Ordered."

Eirik Mella

Head of Canteen Payments

"Our customers & staff are very happy with the system."

Johnny Rockets

Restaurant Supervisor

"We have over 200 orders a day through Already Ordered."

Hege Gulaker

Head of Canteen Operations

"A painless ordering experience for our customers across 90 canteens and coffee shops."

Kristian Aaslund

Chief Digital Officer


150 EUR pr month

Cost per transaction
1,98 % + 0.03 GBP/EUR per transactions

We take care of the orders and payments so you can

Focus on
customer success serving baking delivering grilling